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Ward Turner

Ward Turner


Tired of having the same argument over and over with those you love? 

Feel like you just can’t escape from that one struggle?

Not sure where to go or who to turn to?

Life Change Counseling exists to bring about just that, effective and lasting life change. Through Life Change, we work with you to create authentic and lasting changes in thought and action. Imagine a life where the familiar saying “Have a great day” can be a reality!

In everything we do, we strive to help our patients understand just how much God loves them. Knowing He is the ultimate counselor, we work from a Christian perspective and help our patients see the value in them that He sees. Life Change Counselling is a certified associate of Freedom in Christ Ministries and Focus on the Family






 Do I Need Counseling?

Counseling can help turn the tide for many different struggles

Walking With You to a Better Life

We are here to walk alongside whatever needs you have, whether you want to see familial relationships restored, interpersonal conflict resolved, or internal struggles finally conquered.

Helping You Reach Your Potential

Life Change Counseling can help you develop skills that will enable you to grow and mature spiritually and emotionally, and to relate to others in a genuine and positive way.



Counseling Approach 

Find out what counseling is like



Take the First Step


It’s never too late, healing is always possible. 

If you have any questions, or would like to make an appointment, contact us!