Our Counseling Approach

Certified for Success
Ward is a highly qualified counselor whose goal is to provide you with practical skills to overcome issues, both current and future. Ward is certified in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Level II so that he can effectively treat trauma with empirically proven methods. He is also certified in Critical Incident Stress Management Level II, and an APA Certified Relationship Specialist in order to provide effective counseling.
Confidence in Confidentiality

We understand that effectively dealing with life’s most difficult problems often involves discussing difficult subjects that you cannot discuss outside the counselors office. This is why information shared between therapist and the client is held in strictest confidence. You are encouraged to express the pain and hurt you are feeling to deal with them, and not just box them in, and we diligently work to create an environment safe for vulnerability.

Operating Under Scripture

We know God is the ultimate counselor and strive to help you understand just how much He loves you. We work from a Christian perspective, operating under the declared truth of the scriptures to help our patients meet their God-given needs according to His will. 


In order to further commit to this, Ward is a Freedom in Christ Ministries Ministry Associate (FICM). The mission of FICM is to provide a biblically-based process and resources by which church and ministry leaders and their people may better make a powerful impact for Christ by discovering:

  • Who they are in Christ
  • Who Christ is in them
  • How to Live out the truth of those realities every day